Palestine - The West Bank '19
We stayed in Biet Jala and visited neighboring Bethlehem, where we found Banksy's Walled Off Hotel in the shade of the Palestinian separation wall that keeps the Palestinians out of Jerusalem.
Israel '19
Visiting the old city of Jerusalem followed by Tel Aviv and the Dead Sea
New York City '19
Cuba '16
Marseille, France '14
I spent a day hiking about Marseille, France taking photos of the beautiful ancient port city on the Mediterranean coast.
Hong Kong, China, '13
I spent a week in Hong Kong including climbing to the top of the Peak, cruising Victoria Harbour, checking out the fish markets and night markets. It is one of the greatest cities I've ever had the pleasure of visiting, fairly affordable and great fun to explore.
Shanghai, China '13
Images from a short trip to Shanghai, the largest city in the world. Its immensity was breathtaking, really hard to convey in words or photos.
Livigno, Italy & Zurich, Switzerland - '08
Another journalist adventure had me off to Livigno for some mountain bike riding with GT bicycle's Hans Rey as well as other pro riders. I enjoyed the amazing alpine surrounding and then spent a few days in Zurich's old artist district, checking out 500 year old buildings that housed such things as Cabaret Voltaire.
The Lighthouse, Sedona, Arizona, '07
I had the pleasure of spending three days in the Light House in Sedona, Arizona. It included salt water swimming pool and hot tub, too many beds to count, custom hardwood furniture throughout, cork floors, expansive gardens, a small guest house, a kiva and a two-foot tall quartz crystal sunken in a capsule into the base of one of the fireplaces. I was told that all of the rebar in the house joins together at the point below the crystal. The crystal is supposed to mark a vortex, or a center of "energy", I couldn't feel anything special but the house still kicked ass!
Annecy & Chamonix, France; Geneva, Switzerland - '07
A journo trip to Mavic resulted in epic surroundings in Annecy, Geneva and Chamonix. Couldn't think of a better way to spend a week...
Andalucia, Spain, '06
One week spent traversing Andalucia starting in Cadiz and ending in Grandada including stops in Vejer de la Frontera, Morroco, Gibraltar, Malaga and Jimena de la Frontera.
Garda, Italy '06
A week spent exploring the Italian sub-alp region of Garda and the Roman and WWI era ruins hidden within with local mountain bikers.
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