Social Media Edits
Video edits shorter than 1 minute for use on social media channels.
Cyclehaus Indoor Cycling Studio Instructor Photos
Video Edits
Product Photography - Bikes In Arcata
Owyhee Overland Oregon '17
Local News - Glendale Plane Crash & Burbank Fire
The Wet Season - Arcata '17
Overlanding The Mojave
A 4x4 adventure from the Trona Pinnacles down part of the Mojave trail, a stop at Kelso sand dunes and finally to Joshua Tree.
California Desert Black & Whites
Magazine Covers
Covers that I have shot for Decline magazine over the past couple years.
Belgian Waffle Ride '17
Starting and finishing at Lost Abbey Brewery in San Marcos, California the Belgian Waffle Ride is a 130 mile, 10,000+ feet of climbing death march over hot pavement, dirt and sand that is the ultimate challenge for many Southern California road cyclists. A shorter, less metal, option called the Wafer allows slower riders to get a taste of the terrain.
Titan Tropic '16 - Cuba!
I followed Eric Porter along on the Titan Tropic mountain Bike Stage Race, where we raced 280 miles and 20,000 feet of climbing in five days across Cuba from Havana to Soroa to Vinales and then finally onto the finish at Cayo Jutias.
Modular On The Spot
MTB Product Photography III
Studio Product Photography
Product photos from various magazine editorial pieces.
Red Bull Rampage '16
Sea Otter '16
Photos from the 2016 Sea Otter Classic mountain bike races including dual slalom and downhill in Monterey, California.
Pump Track Party
A freshly constructed pump track in the valley had the riders chomping at the bit to break in the new track but the track owner would have none of it until the dogs were seared and the burgers broiled under the hot the August sun.
Riding Woolsey
Photos for magazine editorial taken in Woolsey Canyon
Helena, Montana's Gravity Guild Garage
I made the trek to Helena, Montana in June of 2014 to check out what the mountain bike riding and cycling community was all about and create a multimedia piece for Decline magazine. I was blown away by all the great trails just a few minutes from town, the super fun community of riders that live there, and especially the crew at the Gravity Garage bike shop. If you're looking for a new place to ride in the Northwest start by researching
Riding Rocky Peak
Photos for editorial use from the Rocky Peak area
Monte Sainte Anne World Cup '16
Photos from the 2016 Monte Sainte Anne World Cup downhill race in Quebec, Canada.
Outdoor Product Photography
These are a selection of product images taken for editorial on various mountain bike products.
Mammoth National Championships '16
Photos from the US National Championship held at Mammoth Mountain in 2016
Ray's Odd Couple Contest '15
Ray's Odd Couple contest assembled teams of two riders each - one mountain biker and one BMXer - paired with a videographer to create a short video edit riding all over the sprawling Cleveland, Ohio bike part over the course of 5 days. At the end of the shoot everyone partys, watches the videos and then votes for the winners. This year's winners were Andrew Taylor, Jeremy Ball and videographer Jimmy Gall.
Test Riding Images '15
These are images from various mountain bike product test editorial that I helped make happen for Decline magazine.
Off Road To Rampage '15
Instead of driving the highway route to the 2015 Red Bull Rampage our crew decided to take the long route. We started in Sequoia National Forest, where we rode bikes for a day before heading east. We left the pavement in Death Valley near Trona and continued on through Mengel Pass to Pahrump. Then we hit the dirt again to summit Wheeler Pass before descending to Indian Springs and spending the night in the Desert National Wildlife Refuge. Finally we took a bit of a detour onto the pavement after one of our trucks got damaged and camped out in St. George, Utah before heading to photograph the Rampage freeride mountain bike contest in Virgin.
Mammoth Kamikaze Bike Games '15
Photos from event coverage of the 2015 Mammoth Kamikaze Bike Games.
Red Bull Rampage '15
Select images from the 2015 Red Bull Rampage contest held in Virgin, Utah last October.
Video Edits '16
Video edits for various editorial projects.
Marseille, France '14
I spent a day hiking about Marseille, France taking photos of the beautiful ancient port city on the Mediterranean coast.
Sea Otter Classic '15
Photos from the 2015 Sea Otter Classic downhill and dual slalom mountain bike races in Monterey, California.
Skratch's Garage Custom Bell Helmet '13
Photo shoot for editorial piece on renown pinstripe and hot rod customizer Skratch custom painting a Bell Helmet.
Sea Otter Classic '14 Campsites
Photos for an editorial project in Decline magazine to highlight the campsite scene at the 2014 Sea Otter Classic in Monterey, California.
Mike Day Decline 3D Magazine Cover Shoot July '14
Behind the scenes footage of the photo shoot for Decline magazine's Nov/Dec 2014 cover. This cover had to make a big impact because it is timed to be released at the Interbike trade show in Las Vegas. To make it extra special a special printing process was used to create a plastic 3D lenticular image with the photo so we knew we have to get a really good shot and went out of our way to achieve the highest image quality. This video also includes Mike Day talking about his experience changing over from racing BMX to racing MTB and what it was like to be in the photo shoot.
Red Bull Rampage '14
Photos from the 2014 Red Bull Rampage in Virgin, Utah. The Red Bull Rampage is the ultimate freeride mountain bike competition on earth. This is where the best riders in the world compete to prove they are the best free riders on the planet. This shoot is the highlight of my year, I have been going to this event since 2002.
Riding Big Bear with Rockshox
A day riding Snow Summit Bike Park with Rockshox's Duncan Riffle and Decline Magazine's Ryan Gagnon.
Crankworx Whistler '14
Images from the 2014 Whistler Crankworx mountain bike festival in British Columbia, Canada.
Tujunga Trail Riding '14
On location trail riding photoshoot for magazine editorial.
Mojave Trail 4x4, '13
I spent a long weekend driving the Mojave Trail in my 4x4 Jeep from Needles to Barstow.
Shanghai, China '13
Images from a short trip to Shanghai, the largest city in the world. Its immensity was breathtaking, really hard to convey in words or photos.
Red Bull Rampage '13
Photos from the qualifying days of the 2013 Red Bull Rampage in Virgin, Utah. The Red Bull Rampage is the ultimate freeride mountain bike competition on earth. This is where the best riders in the world compete to prove their mettle in the dirt. Super fun to shoot this, I have been going to this event since 2002.
Rider Gallery
Here's a gallery of images taken over the years of random MTB personalities.
Riding Newbury Park Burn Zone
Photoshoot in the burn zone above Newburry Park, California.
Hong Kong, China, '13
I spent a week in Hong Kong including climbing to the top of the Peak, cruising Victoria Harbour, checking out the fish markets and night markets. It is one of the greatest cities I've ever had the pleasure of visiting, fairly affordable and great fun to explore.
SSCXWC Los Angeles '12
I've shot a LOT of different cycling events over the past ten years. Events including some ridiculous Red Bull mountain bike contests & this here SSCXWC event, which changed to the LA venue at the last minute, was the funnest & easiest to shoot bike race I have ever had the pleasure of attending. I wish I could go to this every year!
Riding G-Spot
A couple photo shoots at the famed Simi Valley downhill trail called G-Spot.
Malibu Marshall '12
A day spent shooting at the Mullen compound with a visit from his neighbor Tim Commerford ( Rage Against The Machine bassist), tennis rockstar John McEnroe and mountain bike rockstar Shaun Palmer. Oh yeah a couple good riders were there also including Kyle Strait, Mike Montgomery and Tyler McCaul.
Mammoth Mountain Biking '11
A long weekend spent riding mountain bikes with the boys at Mammoth Mountain and on the Lower Rock Creek trail.
Built To Shred '11
A couple days spent behind the scenes at a "Built To Shred" Fuel TV shoot yielded these gems as pro mountain bikers take on everything that the skateboarders could build.
SRM Power Meters & Aaron Gwin '12
A day spent shooting Aaron Gwin and Nico Mullaly as they tried out their new SRM power meter training devices.
Trek Broadsider Editorial '11
Photos from an editorial piece on a one-of-a-kind Trek Bicycles project bike called the Broadsider.
Intense Cycles Factory Tour '10
Went on a photo tour at the Intense Cycle factory in Southern California.
Downieville & Graeagle Photoshoot '09
A photoshoot in the lakes basin region near Graeagle followed by some shooting at the '09 Downieville Classic mountain bike race.
Livigno, Italy & Zurich, Switzerland - '08
Another jour no adventure had me off to Livigno for some mountain bio park riding with GT bicycle's Hans Rey as well as other pro riders. I enjoyed the amazing alpine surrounding and then spent a few days in Zurich's old artist district, checking out 500 year old buildings that housed such things as Cabaret Voltaire.
The Lighthouse, Sedona, Arizona, '07
I had the pleasure of spending three days in the Light House in Sedona, Arizona. It included salt water swimming pool and hot tub, too many beds to count, custom hardwood furniture throughout, cork floors, expansive gardens, a small guest house, a kiva and a two-foot tall quartz crystal sunken in a capsule into the base of one of the fireplaces. I was told that all of the rebar in the house joins together at the point below the crystal. The crystal is supposed to mark a vortex, or a center of "energy", I couldn't feel anything special but the house still kicked ass!
Annecy & Chamonix, France; Geneva, Switzerland - '07
A journo trip to Mavic resulted in epic surroundings in Annecy, Geneva and Chamonix. Couldn't think of a better way to spend a week...
Andalucia, Spain, '06
One week spent traversing Andalucia starting in Cadiz and ending in Grandada including stops in Vejer de la Frontera, Morroco, Gibraltar, Malaga and Jimena de la Frontera.
Garda, Italy '06
A week spent exploring the Italian sub-alp region of Garda and the Roman and WWI era ruins hidden within with local mountain bikers.
Vintage Red Bull Rampage 2002
The 2002 Red Bull Rampage was the second year of the ultimate freeride mountain bike contest. Started in 2001, the contest immediately set the standard, for all other freeride mountain bike contests on the planet. Canadian Tyler Super-T Klassen won the event in 2002 with a 40-foot cliff drop off of the red rock cliffs of Virgin, Utah. These are transparency scans, including a few assembled sequences, from back before I went digital.
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